Metamorphosis cover
Four years from start to finish, Metamorphosis explores the extraordinary lives of insects, following their development from egg to adult. Without doubt, simultaneously the most difficult and most rewarding project I have ever done. Of the four years, three were spent watching, waiting and photographing, during which time I had a total of seven days off and could bore everyone for hours with stories of frustration and recalcitrant critters.
“A Stunning achievement in nature photography.”
Bloomsbury, London
“Full of amazing close up photography, this book shows remarkable transformations, some of which most people could never see in a lifetime.”
Andrew Isles Natural History Books
"The cover is only the beginning of this remarkable collection of photographs detailing one of the most awe-inspiring processes of the living world.”
The Well-Read Naturalist
“This wonderful book should be on any nature enthusiast’s book shelf.”
Outdoor Photography Magazine
“Stunning images of insects. This book is stuffed full of them. Nature is amazing - and this book is a window into that amazing world.”
Mark Avery’s Sunday Book Review
“Sets a new precedent for nature photography.”
Bloomsbury, New York

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