A Bit of History

Learning and Lessons - two very different things

I got my first camera in a jumble sale when I was five or six years old. My mother paid the one (old) penny for the magical little black and silver box just to shut me up and I badgered her for what seemed like ages, to buy me some film. That was it, I've never stopped taking pictures since.

My camera hardly ever leaves my side. Not since the day twenty or so years ago when my wife and I were walking in the hills along the east Devon coast. The weather wasn't great. It was grey and drizzling so I had decided to leave my gear behind and just enjoy the stroll. We were half way up the hill, close to the tree line with a lovely view through the valley and down to the sea, when the rain stopped and the sun broke through. In a few brief moments a double rainbow appeared and two fallow deer came out of the woods. Hillside-forest, deer, view to the sea in the background, all framed by rainbows...

I could have sold that shot a hundred times.

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Learning and Lessons - two very different things