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Exhibition at Jurancon - Click here to view this news entry

Exhibition at Jurancon

Wed Nov 15 2017
Monday November 13th 2017
Coming together at relatively short notice, I have an exhibition, The Beauty of Nature', opening on December 1st in Jurancon, south west France. The exhibition runs until January 14th. My hosts are at La Commanderie de Lacommande, Maison du Jurancon, Rue de l&rsqu....
Back From The Jungle - Click here to view this news entry

Back From The Jungle

Tue Jul 25 2017
Tuesday 25th July 2017

Woah it’s been busy! Crazy how the time disappears. I've been back a while, developing new projects and wading through the thousands of photographs I shot during the weeks in the Tambopata region of south eastern Peru with Rainforest Expeditions. I have t....
Back to the Jungle in 2017 - Click here to view this news entry

Back to the Jungle in 2017

Mon Feb 6 2017
Monday 6th February 2017

I’ve been off the radar for a while, very busy preparing for a pretty hectic 2017. I’m very excited to announce that I am starting some collaborative work with a fantastic organisation in Peru called Rainforest Expeditions who use ecotourism to fund an....
Vermileonid close-up - Click here to view this news entry

Vermileonid close-up

Fri Jul 1 2016
Friday 1st July 2016
If you have my book Metamorphosis, you will have seen my world-first photographs of the Vermileonid life cycle. These flies are still little known or understood and are the only known family of flies to create pitfall traps to capture prey during their larval development. ....
What still lies hidden? - Click here to view this news entry

What still lies hidden?

Sun Jun 26 2016
Sunday 26th June 2016
It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged about anything megalithic other than the odd monolith, but I thought this was worth sharing.
Not far from me is an area just heaving with ancient structures, but all unexcavated, catalogued yes, but unexcava....
The unexpected visitor - Click here to view this news entry

The unexpected visitor

Sat Jun 18 2016
Saturday 18th June 2016
I came into the studio this morning to find this unexpected guest draped around my camera bag. It's another Montpellier snake, Malpolon monspessulanus, which we seem to have here more than any other species. I have absolutely no idea how or when it snuck in. It must....
Tiny eggs are too easy to miss - Click here to view this news entry

Tiny eggs are too easy to miss

Mon May 23 2016
Monday 23rd May 2016
For about five years now I have been rearing Macleay's Spectres. Giant Spiny Stick Insects from Australasia. This might sound slightly bonkers but mine are all female clones, reared parthenogenetically (asexual reproduction) from a single great, great, grandmother. It ....
Long grass is lovely but... - Click here to view this news entry

Long grass is lovely but...

Thu May 19 2016
Thursday 19th May 2106
Every day I do my rounds of the fields, looking to see what new flowers are springing up along with the insects and invertebrates that they inevitably bring. Yesterday I got back to the house, sat down with a cup of coffee and noticed this tick creeping its way along my a....
Woo Hoo, New Website's Gone Live - Click here to view this news entry

Woo Hoo, New Website's Gone Live

Tue May 17 2016
Tuesday 17th May 2016
Thrilled that the new website has gone live and massive thanks to the formidable Modernwebsites for the awesome work. I'll be adding a lot more photography and film shortly so be sure to follow links if you want updates. Galleries still to go up are more wildlife, meg....
Domestic Conflicts of Interest - Click here to view this news entry

Domestic Conflicts of Interest

Tue May 17 2016
Friday May 13th 2016
Today my wife decided that it was now warm enough for some of the potted plants which are brought in for winter, to go back outside. From the studio, a good fifty yards from the house, I heard a blood-curdling shriek so went running to save my wife from what was clearly a l....

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