Posted on: 09/06/2011

Thursday June 9th 2011
It's the first dry, sunny day in a week and I came over to the studio to grab my gear and get shooting. The first thing I noticed was a cluster of tell-tale droppings on the floor by my door mat. Looking up I saw this little chap (or chapess) sleeping between the beams above my door.

It's hard to tell from this whether it's a Daubenton's or Greater Mouse-eared bat but hopefully I'll get some better shots later (difficult balancing on a ladder with tripod on table and trying to get light into a 'V' shape between the beams!) without disturbing it's slumbers.

It's been quite busy amidst the beams this morning. A pair of Black Redstarts have been rearing a single chick just a metre away from the bat. This morning I watched it fly out of the nest for the first time. Sadly I haven't taken any shots of nest activity because Redstarts are nervous birds and the parents became quite agitated every time I walked by. It is surprisingly common for birds to completely desert their brood if they have been frightened. Golden rule in nature photography, "The animal's welfare is more important than the shot!" Another situation where you have to put away the camera and just enjoy the experience.