Nocturnal goings-on

Nocturnal goings-on

Posted on: 09/01/2012

Monday January 9th 2012
Where does the time go?! It's been a crazy few months with so much going on, my new year's resolution must be to update the blog regardless of workload. I don't really have an excuse, it's not as if days go by with nothing happening!

Pretty much every day I walk around the land looking for tracks and traces, picking out places to monitor more closely. I finally decided that I would make my life a lot easier if I bought a stealthcam to get a better idea of what was happening. After a lot of agonising I bought an Ltl Acorn 5210a from the fine people at It's a great piece of kit and makes it much simpler to decide where and when to plan night shoots.

The family of boars were a real surprise and turn up about once a week. There were a lot of gunshots from the hunters last weekend though, so it will be interesting to see how many turn up next time. The foxes and badgers come every night. Foxes usually between 10.00 and midnight, badgers do the next shift, usually turning up around 2.00 am. Occasionally they overlap which makes for some interesting and cautious behaviour between them. It's not too easy to tell from the screengrab of the badgers, but the one in the foreground was lying on his back having a damned good scratch.

I'm now planning how to set-up and light the spot for some good saleable shots. There are some long cold nights ahead I think!