Rupert Soskin

Photographer, writer, presenter, naturalist and explorer is how I would best describe myself, not necessarily in that order, although you might get a slightly different description from my family!

My first love however, is the natural world, followed by a lot of 'ologies. Archaeology, geology, palaeontology, evolutionary psychology... anything that helps me towards a better understanding of the world around us. Photography allows me to capture those fleeting moments but I would still occasionally prefer to put the camera down and experience something without the distraction of picture-taking. If the light isn't right, or a forest too dense for a clear shot of a bird high in the canopy, rather than chase a picture I will just sit and watch. Simply observing behaviour or how light works will serve you better next time, instead of going home without the shot and having learned nothing.

Photography is, after all, a window on the world and you can't feel the wind in your hair by watching the weather from your living room. An eye to a camera can create that same barrier, so sometimes it is a choice between a photograph or an experience.

Thankfully it is usually possible to have both.

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